Perfect for a Book Club

I really liked this Amazon review by Eugenia Kaneshige. I’m speaking to a book club next week and look forward to meeting other groups of readers.

In “A Floating Life,” Tad Crawford offers us an incredible jewel of a novel–an intriguing story that is both profound and whimsical, a mystery that doesn’t become a mystery until it’s solved; a morality tale that doesn’t moralize.

It’s a rich tapestry of life by a skilled weaver and philosopher, who has given much thought to the important issues of a life worth living–love, friendship, and marriage; freedom and liberty; power and control; and growth of the human spirit. Perfect food for a book club, it will trigger spirited discussions about all these and more.

A great storyteller and master of the tall tale, Crawford entrances, seduces, and teases us with soul-searching riddles, serving them up to us on a silver platter full of whimsy and suspense. Unafraid to go wherever his inventive mind leads him, this creative illusionist takes us on a whirlwind in which the ordinary becomes bizarre, and vice versa. Although his book is a cornucopia of wisdom and messages, he never spoon feeds his readers but asks us to `taste’ the answers.

Seldom do I read a book more than once, but I re-read this one not long after I read it the first time, and then I read it again. This haunting, visionary, and impeccably executed novel left me pondering its secrets long after I’d turned the last page.

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