The Authors Guild, Inc

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The Authors Guild:

If you are a published book or freelance author, have been offered a publishing contract or are a self-published book author, you should seriously consider joining the Authors Guild. The Guild has more than 9000 members writing in every genre, and is the only organization that offers members individual business and legal advice, including contract reviews and advocacy, from experienced publishing attorneys at no additional charge. Members receive its Model Trade Book Contract and Guide with helpful negotiating tips. Its quarterly Bulletin and frequent Advocacy Alerts keep authors up-to-date on key legal and business developments. The Guild lobbies for legislation favorable to writers and engages in grass roots and direct advocacy against unfair businesses practices by publishers, agents, and retailers. It offers print-on-demand republishing service, seminars and workshops on negotiating contracts and industry trends, and superior and economical web and blogging site design software to members.

This information has been adapted from the 4th edition of The Writer’s Legal Guide by Kay Murray and myself, co-published by The Authors Guild.

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