Professional Writers Association of Canada

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Professional Writers Association of Canada:

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PWAC is a nationwide non-profit organization that plays a leading role in the Canadian freelance publishing industry. It has more than 600 members who write professionally in every arena: magazine and newspaper articles, books, speeches, newsletters, media releases, white papers, annual reports, advertising and brochure copy, sales and marketing material, web content, training manuals, film scripts, radio and television documentaries, and any other material on a freelance basis. PWAC develops and maintains professional standards in editor-writer and client-writer relationships, encourages higher industry standards and fees for freelance writing, publishes current freelance payment rate information, provides networking opportunities and professional development workshops and materials for members, and lobbies for freedom of the press and freedom of expression in Canada.

This information has been adapted from the 4th edition of The Writer’s Legal Guide by Kay Murray and myself.

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