Horror Writers Association

Post 9 in my Professional Authors Associations Series. Click here to read post 1.

Starting with today’s post, I will be focusing on genre specific associations.

Horror Writers Association: horror.org

Visit the homepage of the Horror Writers Association at http://horror.org

The Horror Writers Association is a nonprofit organization of more than 500 writers and publishing professionals, dedicated to promoting horror and dark fantasy literature and the interests of those who write it. In addition to sponsoring the annual Bram Stoker awards for superior achievement in horror literature, HWA provides networking, a mentoring program, information trading, and promotional resources to aspiring and established horror writers, including a monthly newsletter with publishing and market news and a timely, comprehensive listing of markets. It has local chapters in the United Kingdom, Ontario (Canada), New England, New York City, Hudson Valley, New Jersey, Mid-Atlantic Region, Florida, Michigan, Chicago Area, Missouri/Lower Midwest, and Los Angeles. Full members must be published professional writers of horror, but aspiring authors who demonstrate an intention to become a professional writer may join as affiliate members.

This information has been adapted from the 4th edition of The Writer’s Legal Guide by Kay Murray and myself.

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