Outdoor Writers Association of America

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Outdoor Writers Association of America: owaa.org

Learn more about this organization at owaa.org

OWAA represents a diverse group of professional communicators dedicated to sharing the outdoor experience. Its mission is to improve the professional skills of its members, set high ethical and communications standards, encourage public enjoyment and conservation of natural resources, and be mentors for the next generation of professional outdoor writers. Members include writers, editors, book authors, broadcasters, film and video producers, photographers, artists, and lecturers. OWAA promotes responsible outdoor reporting by providing workshops and seminars, setting professional standards, a monthly publication, annual membership directory and other publications, and an annual conference. It provides online lists of various outdoor publishers’ needs and current job listings. The national office provides information, liaison services, and assistance with business problems. OWAA sets professional standards and business guidelines and offers health insurance coverage at competitive rates.

This information has been adapted from the 4th edition of The Writer’s Legal Guide by Kay Murray and myself.

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