The publication of my debut novel, A Floating Life, prompted the creation of this site. The novel has been praised in the review media. Kirkus Reviews opined, “At times Crawford seems to be channeling Kafka or Borges. . . Odd, offbeat, strangely shimmering.” The New York Journal of Books observed that “This is 2lst century magical realism, a carnival ride through fiction with fast-paced storytelling. . . . His refreshing style brings surprise and fun back into fiction.” Booklistnoted the novel’s remarkable imaginative scope—“Male childbirth, the sex life of eunuchs, and possible cannibalism . . . are some elements that set this novel apart from the novelistic norm.” Booklist continued by describing the novel as “so artfully written that the world it creates makes sense.”

Even the Analytical Psychology Club of New York Bulletin has added to the chorus:  “If you like novels that make the unconscious visible, then you’ll really enjoy reading A Floating Life.”

But the purpose for the site encompasses my nonfiction writing as well as my novel. So the concerns of books such as Legal Guide for the Visual Artist and The Secret Life of Money will also be included in my blog.

I want the blog to be fun to write—and, I hope, fun for you to read. I’ve written a series on how one of my favorite authors, Haruki Murakami, offers a healing tonic to those of us who feel enmeshed by outer realities and crave inner images of spiritual invigoration. Or, for a far more practical post, I discussed the court decision that struck down a California law giving royalties to fine artists. And I also wrote about the ways in which psychology and debt can work together to create such havoc in our lives.

You will find these pages offer an excerpt, a book trailer, and the reviews of A Floating Life; links to short stories and articles; a listing of all of my books; a brief biographical sketch covering my work as an author and publisher; a way to contact me; a blog; and an RSS feed for the blog.

Over time, I hope that the site will bring me more closely in touch with those who share my interests.

—Tad Crawford